Stand Out.

Increase the value of your brand by creating engaging and meaningful video content for your audience. We at Kong will help you to stand out.

Create Meaning


By telling compelling stories your brand becomes a beacon. Create video content your audience can identify with and encourage them to make a difference.

It's The People


Skip the corporate jargon and create video content that gives a true and comprehensive view into your organisation’s culture, values, and mission. With high-quality employer branding you will attract high-quality professionals who want to work for you for the right reasons.

Avoid Boredom


By utilising the power of universal storytelling you can give your product or service a narrative that resonates beyond professional roles. Create video content that takes your customer through every step of the customer journey and build loyalty that lasts.

Dare to be different


By entertaining your audience in an unexpected way you can stand out from the tremendous crossfire of information. Create video content that engages consumers in the channels they spend time in and turn your investments into profits.


Kong Network


Kong Network is an ecosystem of creative professionals. We form our project teams with the most suitable talent to exceed customer expectations. All of our professionals are strong enough to stand alone, and together form resource that goes beyond traditional agencies.

So, are you ready to stand out?


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